Registered ISO 9001: 2015


Scrim Reinforced Adhesive Tapes

Initially developed as reinforcement between paper layers in packaging material, scrim has proven to be a versatile product with diverse custom applications. It's the right material for reinforcing many industrial products like roofing, carpets, air ducts, filters, tape, laminations, and the list goes on. You may have a product that could benefit from scrim versatility.


Product Liner* Liner Side Adhesive Carrier Air Side Adhesive Attributes
200 Series


2.5 mil 200 Series permanent Rubber Woven scrim carrier 2.5 mil 200 Series permanent Rubber Scrim reinforced tape is a self-wound, double-coated woven scrim carrier on a 60# silicone-coated densified kraft paper liner. This product is designed for challenging applications and has excellent quick adhesion for permanent bond applications on plastics, metals, nonwovens, felts, and foams, including polyurethane, polyester, polyester, neoprene, polyethylene, and EPDM. Scrim reinforced adhesive has excellent bonding to a wide variety of materials with high peel and initial tack.
*Most common liner is listed for each configuration; additional liner is available.