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Magnum Tapes and Films Crepe liner tape

Adhesive Product Guide Qualifications and Specifications

Crepe Tape 

Crepe tapes offer unique versatility in everyday applications and heavy-duty work alike. Secure things in place, add cushioning to handles, start cores for wrapping, and much more with this smooth surface substrate. Already have an adhesive you prefer? Let Magnum Tapes & Films know, and we'll design a custom crepe tape suited specifically for your applications.

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What Is Crepe Tape?

Crepe tape is more widely known as masking tape or painter's tape, two of the most popular versions of this adhesive. On one side is crepe paper, which offers a smooth surface to write on or grip. The other side uses a strong adhesive substrate to adhere to whatever you need it to.

Crepe tape is very popular, thanks to its ease of use. Unlike some other tapes, you can easily rip off pieces with your hands. Plus, it conforms well to straight and curved surfaces alike. This PSA tape is most commonly used in:

  • Creating soft grips on golf clubs, tennis rackets and other hard surfaces meant to be held
  • Starting cores for textile wraps 
  • Packaging equipment and tools safely
  • Binding substrates together

Our Double-Coated Tapes 

We offer 4.5 mil crepe paper coated with permanent rubber adhesives on the liner and air sides. Rubber is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that makes it simple for the tape to adhere with manual pressure. As part of our 500 series, the tape features a PET carrier that provides outstanding dimensional stability in die-cutting. It is excellent at bonding and laminating various materials, including polyethylene, rubber, and EPDM foams.

Magnum Tapes and Films Crepe PSA Tapes rubber-based for smooth substrates


Product Liner* Liner Side Adhesive Carrier Air Side Adhesive Attributes
500 Series




2 mil Clear PET

2 mil Red PET

1.3 mil
500 Series Permanent Rubber

4.5 mil crepe paper

1.3 mil
500 Series Permanent Rubber



A self-wound, double-coated crepe paper on a 60# silicone-coated kraft paper liner. A 4.5 mil crepe paper is coated on both liner and air sides with an aggressive, permanent rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Products with tissue and crepe carriers offer high conformability and tear easily by hand, while PET carrier products offer die-cutting stability. Excellent for bonding and laminating to a wide variety of smooth plastics, metals, and papers. A general-use product used in golf grip applications and the textile industry for core-starters.
*The most common liner is listed for each configuration; additional liners are available.


Why Choose Magnum Tapes & Films?

Magnum Tapes & Films® has manufactured and supplied high-quality adhesive tapes for many years. Our extensive experience enables us to provide the best solutions for your projects and tailor our products to meet specific requirements. Whether you need crepe tape for packaging or golf grip applications, we will design an option to meet your personal requirements and application needs.

We produce all our products, including crepe tape, in the USA for high-quality products and excellent quality control. This dedication to manufacturing our tapes domestically also empowers us to offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry with same- or next-day shipping on our products.

Benefit from our expertise and dedication to exceptional customer service when you place an order. Regardless of your project's size and type, you can rely on our adhesive tape experts to provide you with helpful answers and tape tailored to your needs. We are committed to continuous growth and delivering superior customer service. Our team is available to discuss your needs and offer guidance to ensure your satisfaction with our products and support.

Purchase Quality Crepe Tape from Magnum Tapes & Films

Our double-coated tapes are suitable for various applications and offer superior adhesive capabilities. To get started, contact us and discuss your requirements today.

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