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Printable PSA Papers

Magnum Tapes & Films® offers several printable, FSC-certified paper substrates on various liners suited for multiple printing technologies. We have printable paper stocks compatible with dye inkspigmented inkslatex inksoffset printing, dry and liquid toner printers, color and black & white laser printers, and more. We also have a paper that is Kodak Nexpress-qualified and HP-certified.

Our paper substrates are available in several finishes, including matte white, high gloss, and #100 gloss. Learn more about printable PSA papers and their uses and benefits.

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What Is Printable PSA Paper?

PSA stands for pressure-sensitive adhesive. PSA bonds to a surface when gentle pressure is applied. It's often used on tapes but can also be the backing for paper products.
PSA can take multiple forms, including rubber and acrylic adhesive. The adhesive coats the back of the paper from corner to corner, creating a smooth, steady adhesion. While there are multiple types of PSA paper available, they all consist of the following:
  • Liner: The liner is the backing on the paper, which keeps the adhesive from sticking to surfaces until you're ready to apply it. Depending on its thickness, the liner can also support the paper during printing and transport.
  • Adhesive: The adhesive is sandwiched between the liner and the paper. Depending on the adhesive's quality, the paper can stick to various surfaces once the liner is removed.
  • Face stock (or paper): The face stock is a paper or film surface that can be printed. The face stock's thickness and quality can vary considerably. Magnum Tapes & Films produces face stock in a range of configurations.

Types of Printable PSA Paper

Printable PSA paper comes in many forms. The type that's right for you depends on your application and goals. We can help you choose the right attributes and features based on your needs. Factors to consider include:
  • Paper color: White is standard, but other options may be available based on your goals.
  • Paper size: The paper size measures the size of each sheet. Stock sizes include 8.5 inches by 11 inches (standard letter size) and 17 inches by 22 inches. We'll help you choose the correct size based on your printing needs.
  • Adhesive type: Adhesive types include rubber or acrylic. Rubber can be removable or permanent. The suitable adhesive depends on the surfaces on which you're putting the paper and how long you want the adhesion to last.
  • Paper weight: Paper weight refers to the thickness of the face stock or paper. It's shown in pounds (#). The higher the pounds, the thicker the paper.
  • Scoring: Printable PSA paper can be scored on the backside, which makes it easier to cut, fold, or tear.
  • Printer type: The printer you plan on using determines the correct paper type. Options include inkjet or laser printers.

In addition to the features above, you can choose the paper's finish. Standard options include matte or glossy finishes.


Matte Printable PSA Paper 

Matte paper has a flat, non-glossy finish; it doesn't have much sheen. The coating minimizes the amount of ink that gets absorbed into the paper.

Gloss Printable PSA Paper 

Gloss printable PSA paper has a shiny finish. Glossy paper tends to be thinner and less opaque than matte paper. The high sheen of the finish prevents the paper from absorbing as much ink, resulting in a richer color definition.

Liner Types

The release liner used can also vary based on the type of paper. One popular option is a layflat liner, which prevents the paper from curling. A layflat liner lets the paper feed through the printer easily without distorting the image or text.


Printable Papers

Product Film Adhesive Liner* Attributes
L-4100 4.2 mil
Gloss White
Inkjet Paper
1.0 mil
300 Series
Permanent Rubber
90# layflat Inkjet labels: printable with dye inks and select pigmented inks.
L-4200 4.2 mil
Matte White
Inkjet Paper
1.0 mil
300 SeriesPermanent Rubber
90# layflat Full-color applications and graphics; printable with dye, pigmented, and latex inks.
   *Most common liner is listed; additional liner options are available.

Uses for Printable Papers and PSA Film 

PSA paper and films have multiple uses, including:
  • Labels: A common application for printable PSA paper is to make labels. The labels can be pre-printed, such as address labels, or they can be written after printing, such as name tags. Depending on the labels' use, a removable rubber adhesive may be more appropriate than a permanent adhesive.
  • Photos: You can print pictures on PSA paper, depending on the paper type. Photo paper tends to be thicker than the paper used for writing. It may also have a glossy coating. 
  • Stickers: Think of stickers as larger labels. They're usually meant to be permanent. The thickness and quality of the paper determine how well a sticker adheres to a surface.
  • Stamps: In the past, postage stamps were made from gummed paper. The back had to be dampened to attach the stamp to an envelope. Modern stamps are made from PSA paper and are much easier to apply to envelope corners.


How to Choose PSA Paper

When choosing printable PSA paper, ask yourself a few questions to select the right attributes for your application:
  • How will you use the paper? The paper's end use plays a significant role in determining the most appropriate features. Are you creating labels for a shelf or need name tags for an event? Are you mailing packages or letters and need address labels? 
  • What size do you need? The paper size is also worth considering—the length, width, and thickness.
  • What is the surface texture? The texture and type of substrate you're attaching the label to will influence the type of adhesive you'll need.
  • What's the shape of the surface? The surface's shape affects the paper size and thickness you'll need. A small, thick piece of paper will have difficulty sticking to a curved surface.
  • Will you move the label? Similarly, you'll choose whether to remove or reposition the label, which affects the adhesive type.
  • Where are you putting the paper? Are you using the labels indoors, or will you position them on an exterior surface?
  • What kind of printer do you use? Be sure to choose paper that's appropriate for your printer, whether inkjet or laser.

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