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Are you looking for a reliable commercial tape manufacturer you can trust for your most challenging projects? Magnum Tapes & Films has been a high-volume supplier of top-performing adhesive tapes and films since 1991. As part of the Magnum Manufacturing™ family of companies, we take pride in delivering superior products that exceed your expectations and support them with exceptional customer service. 

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Our Tape & Film Capabilities

As a full-service commercial tape and film manufacturer with decades of experience, Magnum Tapes & Films can provide the right products to solve a compelling problem in your industrial operation. Our extensive product line features an assortment of tapes, adhesives, films, foam carrier, and toll coatings that add value to your projects. 

 Magnum Tapes and Films Tape Capabilities Magnum Tapes and Films Film Capabilities Magnum Tapes and Films Toll Coating Capabilities

Adhesive PSA Tapes

We're experts at pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturing for various applications. Depending on the product design, this material can be sticky on one or both sides. It will adhere to most surfaces after applying adequate pressure. Use our PSA tape for numerous applications, including electrical work, surface protection, heat containment and creating a reliable grip on athletic gear. It's easy to use and can even enhance an object's aesthetic appeal. 

Magnum Tapes & Films quality PE foam carrier tapes.

Tried & Trusted Tapes

Our inventory of Tried & Trusted PSA tapes provide ready-to-process solutions that save time and add convenience. Our lineup includes acrylic- and rubber-based systems.


Magnum Tapes & Films is also a leading commercial film manufacturer. Choose from pressure-sensitive, heat-activated and water-activated products that have unique application processes. Our films deliver reliable, long-lasting results with folding cartons, posters, decorative trim, corrugated boxes and folders, envelopes and many other items. All our adhesive films provide superior structural strength and dependable performance in challenging applications. You can also customize them to meet your needs by selecting the best option from various sizes, widths and thicknesses. Moreover, our films offer a sustainable solution by minimizing material waste. 

Toll Coating

If your company lacks the time or resources to develop and apply coatings, we can do the job for you. Our expert technicians utilize our fully equipped on-site laboratory to test coating samples and perform quality assurance checks. We can also create custom coating formulations that meet your specifications. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities include rubber adhesive and UV-cured acrylic tapes for various substrates. We can also accommodate narrow and broad widths in multiple configurations. 

Why Choose Magnum Tapes & Films?

Magnum Tapes & Films strives to exceed every customer's expectations for quality, service and value. Our unwavering focus on continuous improvement enables us to adapt to your business's evolving needs. We implement stringent quality control measures to produce the best outcome for every project, regardless of your specific product needs. We also deliver top-notch customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Discover what makes Magnum Tapes & Films your best choice for a commercial tape and film manufacturer. We specialize in state-of-the-art solutions that add value to your company's processes. Contact our team online to learn more about our products or request a project quote. You can also call us at 877.460.8402

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