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Extrusion PSA Tapes

Magnum Tapes & Films® has developed high-performance tapes with aggressive adhesive and exceptional adhesion properties. Suitable for extrusion applications in bonding to paper, metal, low-plasticized plastics, and EPDM rubber. Ideal for RV/campers, automotive, and building & construction.


Product Liner* Liner Side Adhesive Carrier Air Side Adhesive Attributes
400 Series


2.6 mil 400 Series permanent Rubber 0.5 mil Clear PET 2.6 mil 400 Series permanent Rubber Versatile permanent rubber tape. Ideal for rough or irregular surfaces where heavy adhesive thickness is required. Premium product for irregular and rough surfaces. Excellent bonding to polyethylene, polyisoprene, polystyrene, polypropolene, EPDM rubber, metals, papers including abrasive papers. Good dimensional stability with excellent die cutting performance. Very high shear properties and high peel performance with excellent initial tack.


2.1 mil 400 Series permanent Rubber 0.5 mil Clear PET 1.4 mil 400 Series permanent Rubber Permanent pressure sensitive double-coated general purpose rubber tape with excellent peel and shear performance. Air side provides a thicker glue coating for rougher surface applications. Typically used for bonding to paper, metal, EPDM rubber, polyisoprene, plastics, abrasive pads and most low or unplasticized substrates. Polyester carrier provides excellent dimensional stability for die cutting applications.
500 Series


1.4 mil 500 Series permanent Rubber 0.5 mil Clear PET 1.4 mil 500 Series permanent Rubber Versatile foam bonding adhesive. Excellent for bonding polyethylene, rubber, and EPDM foams. Aggresvie initial tack with excellent peel and surface wet-out. Thicker adhesive for rough surfaces. PET carrier provides good dimensional stability in die cutting. Standard layflat liner.
*Most common liner is listed for each configuration; additional liner is available.