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Magnum Tapes and Films Tape Capabilities Specifications


Magnum Tapes and Films Adhesive Product Guide Specs Qualification

Tapes For A Broad Range of Applications

Magnum Tapes and Films General Purpose Tapes Red Liner

Magnum Tapes & Films offers broad-ranging capabilities in pressure-sensitive adhesive tape manufacturing. Our tape products include rubber and acrylic-based adhesive systems with various thicknesses and physical properties tailored to your application. We specialize in General Purpose tapes and tapes for Abrasives, Foam Bonding, Gaskets, Extrusions, Graphics, Packaging, Scrim, and Crepe.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to manufacture high-quality adhesive tape and film products while affording us the flexibility to be responsive and agile, with excellent product value and outstanding service.

Magnum Tapes and Films General Purpose Tapes




  Rubber High Tack Rubber 200 Series is an aggressive rubber foam bonding adhesive that adheres well to ether and ester polyurethane and polyethylene foams. This adhesive is more conformable to a wide range of irregular and uneven substrates. It sticks to anything rough.



  Rubber Low Surface Energy Rubber 300 Series is a rubber foam bonding adhesive that adheres well to ether and ester polyurethane foams. This adhesive will produce foam tear when laminated to either and ester polyurethane foams.




General Purpose Rubber

400 Series is a versatile permanent rubber tape, ideal for smooth surfaces where heavy adhesive thickness is not required. The right balance of economy and performance. Excellent bonding to polyethylene, polyisoprene, polystyrene, polypropylene, EPDM, metals, papers, and other flat surfaces. Good dimensional stability with excellent die-cutting performance. Very high shear properties and high peel performance. Available with a tighter release liner, ideal for converting.



  Rubber High Tack Rubber 500 Series is a versatile foam bonding adhesive for polyethylene, rubber, and EPDM foams. Aggressive initial tack with excellent peel and surface wet-out. Superb adhesive for irregular and hard-to-stick surfaces such as polyethylene foam. A PET carrier provides exceptional dimensional stability in die-cutting with a standard lay-flat liner. Excellent adhesive for case applications and available as a transfer tape.




  Magnum Tapes and Films Low VOC tapes Acrylic Low Surface Energy Acrylic 600 Series is a great option for bonding various difficult materials and surfaces such as polyurethane foams, TPO materials, ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, and powdered coated materials. The 600 Series is an LSE adhesive that is conformable with excellent wet-out properties. Standard lay-flat liner. Low VOC properties meet JIS-A 1901 standards.




  Magnum Tapes and Films Low VOC tapesAcrylic High Shear Acrylic 800 Series is a versatile permanent acrylic transfer tape. It is a stiff adhesive with a good die-cutting performance. Excellent adhesion to plasticized PVCs, metals, and LSE plastics. Very conformable to irregular surfaces with superior outdoor performance. The adhesive has high shear with moderate peel and high-temperature performance. Low VOC 800 Series properties meet JIS-A 1901 standards, are acid-free, and have a neutral pH for archival applications. Meets the ISO 18916 standard for photographic archiving.



Differential 900 Series tapes are differential tapes with a different adhesive on each side. We can mix and match our rubber and acrylic adhesives to fit a specific need. They are available in Rubber/Rubber, Acrylic/Acrylic, and Acrylic/Rubber configurations.


Most of Magnum's tape products are manufactured in one of these typical configurations:
  • Single-coated
  • Double-coated
  • Differential Double-coated
  • Self-wound
  • Transfer tape / Free-film

Release Liners

Standard and custom release liner options available that best suit your specific application:
  • Several thicknesses and release factors are available
  • Single-liner or double-liner construction is available on transfer tapes


  • Permanent Rubber
  • Permanent, Low VOC Acrylic


Magnum has the capacity to slit PSA tapes and films to suit your needs:
  • Finished slit widths from ¼" to 60"
  • Finished roll lengths from 50' to 3,000'
  • Finished roll diameters up to 18"

Magnum Tapes and Films Narrow Slit downs Winding Slitting  Magnum Tapes and Films Slitting Capabilities - Narrow Slitting Winding

Rolls Sizes and Lengths

Magnum has the flexibility to offer a selection of stock products as well as custom and non-standard sizes:
  • Standard roll widths of 44", 50", 54" and 60"
  • Standard roll lengths 750' to 3,000'
  • The standard core size is 3"


  • Multiple pallet sizes are available to accommodate various roll widths 
  • Sturdy and durable horizontal and vertical packaging options 
  • Each vertically packaged pallet contains nine rolls 
  • Convenient private and custom labeling options 
  • Narrow slit product is poly bagged and slip sheeted in carton packaging 
  • Pallets are stretch wrapped for additional protection 
  • Ask about our economical and environmentally friendly returnable packaging options


  • ¼" wide up to 1"
  • Up to 10,000' spools

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